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About us

Cydonia d.o.o. was founded  in 1995 with the idea of the manufacturing our unique brand of herbal products. Since then we have being manufacturing herbal cosmetics, sports phytocosmetics, food supplements, herbal extracts, and products for aromatherapy.

About us: Special attention has been given to the production of our own plant extracts as the basis for obtaining the products of distinctive quality. The application of essential oils with known composition, chemotypes and origin enables us to obtain of effective products applicable in different areas. We apply the latest scientific knowledge from the field of herbal medicine, and the results of our own research, as the basis for the development of new products.


About us – manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process is in compliance with the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for which we have granted the certificate of ISO 22716: 2007. For the manufacturing of food supplements we have granted the certificate of ISO 22000: 2005, as well as a certificate for quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.

Business strategy

From the very beginning, Cydonia’s business strategy was focused on its own production and development of innovative formulations. Products of our own production:

Foreign markets

In order to achieve set goals, intensive activities were carried out for the export of products. Many of our products can be found in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kuwait, Macedonia (FYOM), Republic of Serbia, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ireland, Ukraine.

Human resources

From its inception until today, Cydonia’s policy has been aimed at providing the highest quality staff at all levels of education.

Space and production

Production is organized in modernly designed production facilities that meet the strictest standards with their designed and executed units and details.

In order to improve the production process of strategic products, equipment has been successively procured in recent years, which with its automated and semi-automated work provides sufficient capacity to meet current market requirements.

Quality assurance

As a special mechanism for achieving the previous goals, a quality system has been established, which is performed through the quality assurance function as the first step to the ultimate goal of total quality management, which is one of the company’s goals.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systemic approach to quality management that defines and implements actions that reduce diversity and introduce uniformity into the system by monitoring, implementing and responding to all factors that may disrupt the system.

Cydonia produces according to the highest quality control standards ISO 22000-2005 products from the group of dietary supplements and ISO 22716 for cosmetic products.