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Stonex kapsule

Stonex Capsules 30 pcs

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Stonex Capsules – for effective elimination and prevention of kidney stones production. They have effect on uteteral relaxation which may halp after lithotripsy-breaking of stones, to facilitate their elimination.


30 kapsula

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STONEX capsules, as a dietary supplement, are used for effective elimination as well as prevention of kidney stones. They  relax the ureters after lithotripsy-breaking of stones, which facilitates their elimination. In addition, the product can help protect the liver, especially in the case of hepatitis B. It reduces the level of fatty acids in the liver. It lowers blood pressure. It reduces insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels. Shows anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Phyllanthus niruri extract contains the following groups of active ingredients:

Flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, lignans, polyphenols, coumarins, saponins.

Lignans: Filantin and hypofilantin have a protective effect on the liver.

Alkaloids: Norsecurinin and others relax the smooth muscles of the urinary and biliary tract.

Ingredients of P.niruri extract show an inhibitory effect on the growth of calcium oxalate crystals, especially in the early phase of kidney stone formation.

Stonex capsules – Composition

Each capsule contains 500 mg of Phyllanthus niruri extract.


Take 2 to 3 capsules daily.


30 kapsula

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